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How does it work?

Although the Claydon Drill has proven to work very well on cultivated soils our machines are world renowned for their ability to seed direct into stubble fields achieving positive yield benefits and rarely a yield decrease right from year one. The simple yet effective patented two tine direct strip seeding technique creates yield benefits because each seeded row has the ideal growing environment with moisture, lifted/broken soil, drainage, nutrients, conserved moisture and space for rooting structures to grow and develop unhindered by compaction.

The best news is that we have been practising this technique for over a decade and have hundreds of customers who are experiencing huge time and cost savings not to mention yield increases in the majority of cases.

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Our Products

Our Patented System has perhaps become the most sustainable one-pass seeding technique in Northern Europe. It can be used year on year attaining above average yields without the need for expensive and unnecessary pre-cultivations.

Units have been sold across the varied soil types of the UK and Europe including light soils, heavy soils and even stoney areas, providing customers with very similar results.

We sell the following drills:


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About Us

The Claydon Family have been farming their heavy clay soils near Newmarket in Suffolk, since the early 1900s. In 1980 Jeff Claydon invented the first yield monitoring device to be fitted internally to a combine harvester and since then the family diversified into agricultural engineering, priding themselves on producing top quality, hard wearing farm machinery that has been developed to satisfy a real need on their own working farm.

In 2002, due to the heavily suppressed wheat price and ever increasing input costs, the company began the development of a seed drill that would radically reduce establishment costs and work effectively in the wet UK and Northern European climate.

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Our Farm / Your Farm

Like hundreds of farms throughout Europe, Claydon farm benefits from using the Claydon Drill system

Click on the button below to view an image gallery containing photos of our drills in action and the results of using our drills.

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Claydon Drills and Highlights